 Air Pods

They aren't for sale yet...but score a pair of these and I'll be your best friend...


 Gift Card

Who couldn't put one of these bad boys to use? $10, $25, $50?


Just drop by your grocery store or Best Buy and pick one up.

Anker Charger

I think I could use one more of these for my nightstand. The double isn't cutting the mustard. The quad will do just fine!


Palladium Boots

Size 12 will serve me well. Whether trudging through the airport, or walking an urban landscape with my camera slung over my shoulder, these boots should get the job done and turn a few heads too.


My preference is the Black/Castlerock for color, but I would take the Maroon/Navy or Black/Formula One color pathways too. If you're feeling generous, all 3 please!