Juice Detox Day 7

So far I've had another great morning with this vegan/juice diet. To this point every evening meal has been juice, just as I was challenged. I've also voluntarily incorporated juice or vegan food for all other meals and or snacks. Three days left after today and then I will be able to choose what kind of diet I will resume or what I will change.

Does this look like your breakfast at all?

I have a friend who works the tech table with me at church and he always brings his breakfast to eat after we setup. He usually brings some McDonald's: a breakfast sandwich, two hashbrowns, a biscuit w/gravy, and a diet coke.




So guess what I was chatting with him about?!

If you are like me, you probably think your energy comes from meats. Also, if you did a short 10-day detox on a vegan diet you'd feel weak and sluggish. In doing this experiment, I've learned that the foods I've thought I get energy from are the foods that are likely dragging my energy down.

Today's post is short, but I stayed committed to my detox diet today. I'll have more tomorrow. 3 days left to complete the 10 day challenge!

I'm curious about what you usually eat for breakfast? What are your go-to energy foods for the morning to pick you up and get your day going?

PS Just this minute I kinda had a craving to taste cucumber. How weird is that!? Ha!