Boxer Mail App Update

It's been a week since I started using the Boxer mail app and I don't think I can bear it any longer.  I was hoping to have a better way to triage my work email, but the app fails if for no other reason than it will not sync my Sent messages to the Exchange server Sent folder.  If I don't have a legitimate record that I sent an email I cannot use the app for business needs.  I contacted the developer about this problem and they said the next update would fix it (I can't see a reason why I would use it for any reason with that flaw).  After the recent update I even attempted to re-add my Exchange account to see if a fresh setup would work, but my sent emails still do not sync with the server Sent folder. 

Aside from the obvious issue I stated above, I find this app to have a very "clunky" feel.  The action icons in the app do not feel as though they were made for the app, but bought from a web site somewhere that cranks them out like wieners at an Oscar Meyer factory.  I've seen them in another app somewhere, like maybe my company's intranet site.  Then there are my issues with the touch targets.  I do not know if there is a problem with the touch targets or if the app is buggy and often unresponsive to taps, but I can tap the reply button (among many others) five to ten times before the app responds.

Overall, I can't recommend this app to friends, I can't believe that Taskbox thinks they can get $5 for an app that doesn't work (at least for Exchange as advertised), and I can't get past the poor design.  Stay away from this app.  For now I'm still waiting for something else to scratch this itch.