Re-purposed iPhone Idea

I have every iPhone I've ever bought. The first iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and now the iPhone 6. I've use them as iPods, and allowed my sons to use them for educational apps and videos, but never anything more.


That has changed. This weekend I attached two 3M removable Velcro strips to my iPhone 4 and mounted it on the Freezer door in our kitchen. It's tied to my iCloud account, so it still has access to the Calendar and Reminders data. In light of that it has been re-purposed to do the following tasks:


Primary Tasks

Grocery List

My wife and I share a Reminders list named "Groceries" that we use to share lists of items we need from the store. Now we can add them as we use the last of them in the kitchen.



The temperature of the house can be adjusted right from our kitchen, warmer or cooler.


Using the Yahoo Weather app we can look at the current conditions and the forecast. This is convenient while making the morning coffee before deciding what to wear to the office.


Secondary Tasks

  • AirPlay to AppleTV
    • Netflix
    • Hulu+
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • Music
    • Pandora
  • Wemo
  • Remote app

The Experiment Continues

So far it has been useful, especially for the primary tasks mentioned above. The other apps may come in handy from time to time, but are of lesser importance. My wife has mentioned a couple of times how handy it is and I've noticed that I'm using it a couple of times a day myself. Sure, I wish it was the size of an iPad mini, but it's better than being tucked away in the pocket of my satchel.