A Matter Of Perspective

I live in a culture where perspective of what is important is overwhelmed by the inundation of self-indulgence.  It is in that culture of self-indulgence where one finds the light of perspective beaming as the stars of the night.  Tiny little holes allowing the light to pass through an infinite blackness of narcissism.

It was not too long ago when I sat at lunch with a group of friends and co-workers that I saw the image you see above.  An entrée called "The Big Nasty".  A tempting  plate that could probably feed a sizable family in some countries.  Don't forget about the side items of mac-n-cheese, a dill pickle, sugar cookie, and unlimited tea refills.  It was quite a sight to behold.  To think that today in Japan there are earthquake victims who would be happy for a glass of water, and this is the kind of meal we see as common place.  My meal wasn't too shabby itself.  A half sandwich of roast beef and soup contained in a bread bowl.  It was by no means a big nasty, but it was more than I could stomach considering.

It's moments like these that cause me to ask, "what are we doing?"  Do we really need all the spoiling that we heap upon ourselves while so many others go without?  If you watch this video, you might catch a glimpse of what I'm talking about...these guys are selling art so they can make a living, buy food, and hope to send money back home to their relatives. How does this portrayal compare to your life?

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I'm not one to say I've never gone too far or been wasteful in my efforts to achieve satisfaction in life.  But in those moments of life where we can fight back the lavishness of the American lifestyle, whatever that might mean for us, we should share that perspective with those we come in contact with.

As you look at the night sky, you don't see one pin prick of light, but  thousands.  I can't help but think if each of us simply share our moments of perspective, eventually the overwhelming darkness of American indulgence  will be ripped apart by thousands and thousands of pin pricks of light shining perspective on our lifestyles.  That might mean sharing perspective, or lavishing much on one who has little or nothing. Maybe then we will be able to effect true change.