Exit Through The Gift Shop

Exit Through The Gift Shop is a laid back view into the world of street art. It follows the life of Thierry Guetta as viewed through his camera. His impulsive need to film everything turns into an peculiar view of what happens after dark in the lives street artists around the world. When the sun goes down, these artists come out to play. As Thierry lives out his passion for filming every minute of each day, he discovers the underground world of street art in France while visiting. Upon returning to L.A., he meets up with Shephard Fairey and pretends that he wants to document the lives of street artists and the process by which they accomplish their art. Meanwhile, he is hiding the fact that he has no intentions of editing the film and stores the footage in random boxes in his massive archive of films.

Thierry finally gets the chance to meet the elusive "Banksy" and seizes the moment to capture the life of this famous, camera shy artist. Banksy realizes that Thierry is not a film maker after he sees Thierry's makeshift film and challenges Thierry to do his own street art while Banksy sets off to edit the footage. What follows is best left to see on screen.

Some have pondered if Exit Through The Gift Shop is the "Borat" of the art world, or a legitimate documentary of street art as seen through the eyes of Thierry Guetta. I guess you will have to watch it to decide. I definitely recommend it. I'd like to hear your thoughts after you watch. Enjoy!