Juice Detox Day 4

20110714-101841.jpg Recently my wife and I sat down and watched a documentary at the recommendation of a friend.  Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead is about the subject of what we eat, how it affects our health, and how people can make a change that can have a huge positive impact on their health.

I was talking about the movie with Family over Sunday dinner and I got some jeers and jabs that I couldn't drink juice only for 10 days at evening meals without cracking at some point.  Challenge accepted.

So first thing after work on Monday, we headed to the local grocery to pick up all the fruits and veggies one would need to get 4 or 5 days deep into this challenge.  Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Plums, Apples, Carrots, Mangoes, Peaches, Oranges, Cucumbers, and tomatoes.


The premise of this challenge was not just based on proving to my naysayers that I could do it, but also for me to test the claims of the people in the movie having more energy & feeling better. Any weight lost would be an added bonus. I'm not trying to make a way of life out of this, just a 10 day challenge. Juiced vegetables and fruits for supper. The next day I woke up and decided if I was really going to do this, I had to do breakfast and lunch as well. 10 days of veggies and fruits.

Day 1 I went to bed and laid there for almost an hour until I finally went to sleep. Not sure if that was the surge of vitamin energy from the juice or just restlessness. I also biked about 16 miles that night, doing interval training. Normal activity.

Day 2 So far, this was the worst. I hadn't drank enough water during the morning and had a slight headache until my water consumption caught up with me. I was thinking about the taste of solid food, namely a cheeseburger, but I wasn't hungry. For some reason just the taste of certain foods was on my mind constantly. No hunger pains. I also biked about 11 miles. Went and rode some short hill repeats and high cadence work.

Day 3 I woke up feeling pretty normal. Maybe a tad more on the rested side than my average morning. I drank my Naked Mango Smoothie. Naked makes a product line certified vegan with no added sugars, preservatives, etc. My mornings are rushed, so this helps me get my juice and get going. Lunch was a salad with no dressing. Remember the challenge is juicing only in the evenings, so I'm technically ok. And since I didn't have a blender, I still would've consumed this type of ruffage, so I thought it was ok to do. For dinner you can see what I ate in the picture above. Pretty typical juice ingredients for me. Any craving I had during day 3 had to do with BBQ. I was thinking about the taste of the food from Wing Run, one of the better BBQ places in Tulsa. What can I say? No hungry feelings though.

Day 4

This morning I woke up feeling amazing.

Didn't feel groggy or like I wanted to sleep until 10. I'm actually a little surprised at this because I really didn't believe Joe when he was talking about feeling more energy than normal. So, I got ready for work, drank my Naked vegan natural smoothie and here I am. People at work are yawning and grinding their knuckles into their eyes trying to stay awake and I feel great. Salad is the fare for lunch today because again I don't have my juicer w/me at work. But I think that's fair, don't you? I'm using lemon juice for dressing or a vinegar dressing that has zero fat if I can find it.

We'll see how the rest of the day goes and I'll update you tomorrow.

What do you think? Is eating a salad w lemon juice or a zero fat vinegar dressing legal for my challenge?

I'm curious to read your opinions.