Juice Detox Day 9

Day nine is officially in the record books and I'm sitting pretty in day 10. Rest assured that finishing the challenge strong won't be a problem. Tomorrow I'll be sharing my plan going forward as well as how many pounds I've dropped (if any) in the last 10 days. Yesterday I decided to again test my body after being on this diet for 9 days. It was about 103F heat index and I grabbed my bicycle and headed out for a 15 mile ride on one of my favorite routes. There are plenty of hills and grades, so I knew it would be a fair test of how my body would react to the stress of heat and resistance after drinking veggies and fruit for well over a week. I must say that I was really quite happy with how I felt. I also pulled into the drive and checked my average and it was right at 17.4mph.

I'm sleeping well and waking rested and energized for the day. Today I started off with a Naked drink called Green Machine:



20110720-085648.jpg This is an excellent flavor and incorporates more greens than most of their other varieties. It's a must try if you are juicing or looking to save some time in the morning while still being healthy.

More tomorrow!