Juice Detox Day 10

The challenge was 10 consecutive evening meals of nothing but fruit and vegetable juice. 30 meals later of nothing but fruits and veggies, I consider the challenge conquered. Yes, that's right. For three meals a day over a 10 day period I had nothing but fruits and veggies. (sorry if that was repetitive for some of you) As you already know, I've enjoyed having more energy and feeling more rested when I wake every day, but people have been asking how much weight I might have lost. So, for those who have been asking, I lost 10lbs over the last 10 days. I don't think that will be typical for everyone because you need to have that much weight to lose. Obviously I did. Some of you might just feel better, and who knows, some of you might lose more.

My plan going forward is to take a break for today through Sunday from a strict vegan diet. I will be allowing myself 1-2 meals/day that include meat over the weekend to gauge how I feel and as well as maybe allow me to enjoy a few of my favorites.

Next Monday, I'm going to begin another 7-10 day meal plan consisting of fruit and veggies (80-90% juice). I don't plan on updating you every day as to the specifics of how that goes, but I'll let you know anything that is of interest.

Thanks for following along and I hope that reading my blog during this period has encouraged a more healthy meal plan in your daily routine. I've uncovered a few things during the last 10 days that I will be sharing with you in the future. Feel free to add comments or questions if you have any.